SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.


What is Elite Grabba? 

Elite Grabba is the name given to our products derived from the natural tobacco leaf. The Elite Grabba Leaf brand includes our signature Crushed Grabba and Whole Leaf products.

What is the Loose Grabba?

Our cleaned and uniquely processed tobacco leaves that are ready for rolling.

What is the Grabba Whole Leaf?

A single leaf is selected and packaged for enjoyment. The Grabba Whole Leaf gives consumers the ability to customize a size for rolling, or other desired use.

What is so special about Elite Grabba Leaf Products?

Our completely handcrafted cleaning process ensures minimal to no stems resulting in the smooth blend that we package with love and send to Elevate your Smoking Experience.

Does Grabba Leaf products contain nicotine?

Tobacco is scientifically known to contain nicotine therefore Elite Grabba Leaf’s 100 percent natural products will contain the substance.